AdamEmulator - How to buy

You can purchase full version of AdamEmulator easy from our site. We accept credit cards as well as wire transfers, checks, phone orders and more. Please, visit our Customer Care Center to get more information about purchasing process.

Our licence model permits to have AdamEmulator installed on single PC for each licence key. For example, if you a person you must buy one licence key to install it in a single PC. If you want to install the program on other PC you must buy another licence key.
If you are a company you must buy one licence key for each computer on which you will have AdamEmulator installed. For example if you want to have 5 computers with AdamEmulator installed you must purchase 5 licence keys.

For prices and discount information visit our Prices page.

Sometimes internet is not secure place for your credit cards. Your security is our primary goal. That is why we moved your orders processing to Share*It! platform. Share*It! is a company specialized in processing your orders in secure way and deliver our products to you. To know more about Share*it! visit our Customer Care Center.

In other words your order processing and delivery will take place on other site (secure.shareit.com). It means that all your actions there is completely secured. Also if you'll notice you jump to shareit.com from our site it means that you are in safe and secure place.

And once again, if you hesitating about purchase process or have a question feel free to contact with us using Customer Care Center

To order AdamEmulator click ORDER

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